Locate your point
on the horizon.

Inspire people with a clear, compelling strategy.

Find the new, smarter way.

Get the results you need by transforming your innovation practice.

Help your team change course.

Reach a new future by motivating the people who will help you get there.

Tell the tale of your adventure.

Engage your audience by telling a story that vividly paints them into the picture.

Our way of working has changed forever.

Let us help you now, and take you forward to tomorrow.

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  • Handshake

    Discover working with Territory

    When you’re staring-down your next gnarly challenge, imagine your ideal companion: equal parts guru, confidant, and guide.






  • Whiteboard

    It’s all about participation

    We’re not some dusty old consultancy that buries you in data and then leaves you to drown. We work inclusively and collaboratively to discover and define root challenges and co-create the best path forward.

  • Lightbulb balloons

    Clarity & hilarity

    Work should be fun and inspiring! Our strategists, facilitators, and designers employ magical (unique and proven) methodologies that break down walls and illuminate possibilities with your teams. We’ll play games and draw pictures, listen and learn, and participate in equitable dialogue

  • Lightbulb balloons

    Different process = different outcomes

    Simply put, we work differently. Some even call it magical. Whether it’s a design sprint, deadline-defined project, or an ongoing partnership you seek, you’ll learn that our different methods will create different results than you’re used to.


Discover partnering
with Territory

The unique combination of
thinkers, planners and doers
delight in the steps of
understanding your challenge,
finding the way forward, and
working to bring your vision
to life.

It’s all about people

Our facilitated discovery
builds on the expertise
and passion of your people.
Co-creation breaks down
walls and creates a space
to get inspired. Some even
see it as fun. We see it
as signs of doing work
the way it should be.

Space to create

Joyful environments generate
better outcomes. We build
open, safe spaces (in person
and remotely) that produce
the best work: surfacing new
ideas and committing to
make them happen.
Invigorating and effective:
It’s all part of the fun.

Different is powerful

We believe how you work
determines what you achieve.
So we unlock the power of
your people to arrive at
solutions that ring true
for you, your team, and
your business goals.