Designing onboarding to improve employee experience and company performance

The Ask

A global apparel company had enjoyed significant success over several years. While it maintained favorable mindshare as a quality source of adventure products, it needed to improve internal areas of the organization, specifically its onboarding process to achieve the growth it desired.

The company’s operations teams, which are spread across the globe, each used their own methods and processes. The company’s talent management team conducted an audit and discovered the various methods, and the challenge they created for the human resources team to design a standardized onboarding process. The team wanted to develop a consistent culture of excellence that could be delivered and adopted by all new hires and asked Territory to step in and facilitate the process.


The Solution

Territory recognized that the value of a quick and efficient onboarding process, helping new hires learn and adopt the ways of the organization, would result in more growth for each team and the company overall.

Using MURAL, the online whiteboard and ideation tool, Territory was able to map the onboarding experience within the company. Gathering feedback and contributions from managers and employees, the company became fully aware of its inconsistencies and their effects. Most importantly, the findings gave them a baseline so that they could create a consistent, streamlined onboarding process that they could apply across all teams.



Over a two-month engagement, Territory helped this global organization locate and define the problem, identify specific roadblocks and challenges, and create actionable insights. Today, the global apparel company enjoys an onboarding tool that covers everything from pre-onboarding, tactical onboarding, and early sustainment in a consistent and culture-aligned way. The end-product, inspired by Territory, enables new hires to dive in from the beginning, in collaboration with their manager, and further improve their level of competence through a learning and development plan.



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