Looking forward with Territory
Looking forward with Territory
As the year winds down, we at Territory are casting an eager gaze toward the horizon of 2024. We asked our team to share the resolutions on their mind as we head into the new year. Join us on this insightful journey below–hover over each panel to uncover a tidbit of Territory wisdom.
Providing your clients with tailored solutions not only serves the purpose of solving their problems but can also allow them to more easily integrate your methods and techniques into their work every day. Personalized approaches create lasting results.

Remember, driving excellence is as much about creating a supportive and empowering team environment as it is about achieving specific goals. A focus on proactive communication and collaboration is a strong foundation for actively participating in a high-performing team.

Ensure that a resolution to enhance one’s skill set through additional learning is successful and enriches your professional journey. Create clear, actionable, and achievable goals, choose learning opportunities that map to your own style of learning, and seek support and accountability from a colleague or mentor.

Three strategies to achieve this resolution would be to thoroughly understand the client's goals, involve the clients in the process through regular and transparent communication, and tailor experiences with your clients. At Territory, we keep our clients’ unique experiences and perspectives in mind while utilizing this approach.

Actively seeking assistance fosters a culture of collaboration and support. By practicing self-reflection, viewing mistakes as opportunities, and engaging in challenging activities, vulnerability can be transformed from something that is often seen as a weakness into a powerful tool for personal and professional growth.

Mastering the art of intentional listening transforms each conversation into a wellspring of understanding and connection. Sometimes, we speak volumes by staying quiet. Listening is a powerful tool!

Teamwork makes the dream work! Sharing work that isn’t yet perfected with trusted collaborators is effective and efficient. At Territory, we know that collaboration requires hard work but also creates unmatched outcomes, builds camaraderie, and causes fun!

Taking time to connect with the people you work with will create better understanding and stronger empathy. Great work is human work, and these connections with colleagues will serve to strengthen outcomes and cause fun!

First, set your sights on a wonderful, desired outcome. Then, identify a clear, simple action to help you achieve that goal. Make THAT ACTION your resolution. For example, instead of resolving to "get in shape this year," we'll commit to walking around the block twice a week. It's crystal clear and measurable, and (if we stick to it) will lead us to our goal.

By asking better questions to cultivate curiosity, those answers will reflect deeper ideas and thoughts.

Refining the art of asking questions so that they spark revelations in others is a journey of continuous learning. Mastering this skill by nurturing a deep-seated curiosity, honing the craft of active listening, and adeptly navigating a diverse array of questioning techniques.

You can’t learn without being an active participant. Approaching your work with curiosity and an open mind–and therefore gaining new perspective–can allow you to connect more easily with both clients and teammates. Genuine connection leads to better work.

Embracing learning as a transformative tool will enrich not just your professional journey but your life as a whole.