Get the results you need by transforming your innovation practice.

Build and fuel your growth engine by rethinking how you approach innovation. We help teams identify and adopt new ways of thinking that can help them evolve into more competitive, agile, and relevant organizations.

Define your ambitions

Where will innovation take your organization? We’ll work with you to hone the strategy that empowers your people to seed and nurture an environment for innovation. Then we’ll help you put tools in place to monitor progress as your teams blossom.

Kickstart your capabilities

How do you create a culture of innovation that mobilizes your organization? Inspire your people to think and work in new ways. We’ll help you create work processes that support their new mindset, and develop the capabilities and systems necessary to manage it at scale.

Accelerate your initiatives

What’s the right mix of capabilities to speed innovation? We’ll help you design a portfolio of activities, projects, and programs that fit your vision, define the best roles within your teams to achieve your goals, and build the tools and systems to drive your innovation programs to success.

Launch your growth

You have a viable innovation. Now what? We’ll help you release your programs and teams into the wild by starting small, monitoring, adjusting, and iterating to scale.

“Territory brought an innovative way of making strategic innovation come alive, bringing out the best of both the right and left half of your brain.”

Swan Paik, Nike Innovation
On MSI Scouting team’s Concept workshops


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