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Saturday, August 12, 2017

I’m writing a new book on how to design and execute your company strategy using lean and agile principles. Here’s a first draft outline of the content.

Tell me what you think. Does this sound interesting? Which topics do interest you most? If you like the structure, simply like the article. If you think this book is a good idea, please share this post. Feel free to add your comments.

About this book

Part I — The Lean Strategy System

Principles, Components, Process

  • Overview & Introduction
  • Principles of Lean & Agile Strategy
  • Components of the Lean & Agile Strategy System
  • Components deep dive
  • Putting the pieces together: The Lean & Agile Strategy Process
  • The Strategy Master — Facilitating Agile & Lean Strategy processes

Part II — Creating Strategic Clarity

Creating Strategic Clarity using the Lean & Agile Strategy System

Part III — Engaging the Organization

Creating Strategic Clarity throughout the Organization

  • Using the lean strategy process to design and execute functional, department and team strategies
  • Establishing a Centre of Competence

Part IV — Lean & Agile Transformation

Transforming your organization with responsive and agile change management


Dr. Marc Sniukas

Marc has built and delivered corporate strategy, innovation, and transformation programs around the globe. Co-author, The Art of Opportunity, he is a member of the global Educator Network of Duke Corporate Education.

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