Be a remote rock star: tips from Territory’s virtual veterans

Optimize your home working experience
Thursday, March 19, 2020

Working from home used to be called “tele-working” or even “telecommuting” because of the reliance on phones to communicate. People would “take calls” or “check-in with the office,” or maybe, “fire off a few emails.” Today, we have so many more tools and technologies available to us that working from home looks a lot different. For many, it has created a perfect mix of focus and communication.

We help people explore new ways of working and because of that, we’re also in the business of remote collaboration. Our employees and team members are scattered across the world. We don’t even have a physical office! Many people on our team are FTWFH, while others, up until recently anyway, choose co-working spaces or coffee shops.

Considering social changes afoot in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we asked our team of virtual-office veterans what advice they would give to someone new to remote working on six hot topics. Click an icon to choose a topic below:

Squid | Home Office Destruction Expert

Squid, a rescued street cat living the high life in the Varo-Haub household, loves long naps, walks on the counter, and chasing a toy BB8 down the hallway. She'd be a heck of a strategist if she could talk. She's delighted Jeremy works from home so she can climb up his back, walk on his keyboard, and throw things off of his desk.

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