Inspire your people with a clear, compelling strategy.

Give your team the clarity and confidence they need to focus their efforts on success. We bring leaders and teams together to define and craft strategy in engaging, co-creative ways that build understanding, support, and, most importantly, the confidence to make it happen.

Create your strategy

Is your organization jumping to solutions before getting clear on the problem at hand? Avoid this from the start by getting the right people involved. We’ll work with you and your team to understand your context and influencing factors so you can align on a shared vision and goals. By working together, we’ll create a clear path to achieve solid results.

Align and validate

Does it feel like you’re making progress or losing traction? Ensure your objectives and priorities are aligned by pursuing active conversations inside and outside your organization. We’ll help you understand differences in experiences and perspectives, allowing you to learn together and move forward as a team.

Build the roadmap

What’s it going to take to fulfill your vision? Chart the course ahead with your team. We’ll help you set clear roles, prioritize strategic initiatives (and the resources necessary to accomplish them), identify obstacles in your way, and establish the milestones to monitor progress along your journey.

Roll it out

You can’t—and shouldn’t—do this by yourself. We’ll help you learn how to locate, enlist, and empower champions who will engage with the heart of your organization – your people. Together, we’ll build touchpoints for your people to best understand, adopt, and own your new strategy.

“In today’s complex business environment where staying ahead of marketplace changes is critical to survival, Territory designed an in-depth exploration of business design thinking and its practical applications to business growth.”

Peter Fasano
Managing Partner, Global Consulting Principal at Ogilvy Consulting


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