A red and black illustration of Production Systems as completed by territory.co.

Becoming future ready

Conveying the story to drive the vision

The Ask

White letters on a red background spell GAF, the company's logo.GAF is the leading roofing manufacturer in North America and is part of the world’s largest roofing and waterproofing business. As they look toward the future, they aim to be the most innovative and trusted roofing and waterproofing manufacturer for their customers, workforce, and communities. GAF developed the Factory of the Future (FoF) mainly to impact customers positively and enable inspired change. However, just as important is interconnectedness, and collaboration across teams while creating efficient processes, systems, technologies, and products.

While FoF provided immense potential for attaining future goals, the company recognized the need to communicate this vision to stakeholders to create understanding and boost buy-in. To accomplish this, Territory worked with GAF teams to capture impacts on customers, the internal workforce, and the communities around it. From there, they created a path for stakeholders to deliver a story and visual that presents the vision of the Factory of the Future.

The Solution

Territory worked alongside GAF’s leadership and engineering/manufacturing teams in a series of virtual collaborative workshops. The group collectively strategized and co-created visualizations creatively portraying the Factory of the Future narrative to become truly future-ready.

Using a human-centered approach, internal stakeholders distilled complex ideas and opportunities into an understandable and actionable story. The co-created description dynamically and effectively conveys the vision of FoF. It emphasizes the importance of the GAF ecosystem and the roles of activities, business units, and employees in the advancement of FoF.

From this story, the Territory team created a visual that encapsulated the GAF vision for the FoF. This brings to light the many aspects of the business and the complex ideas in a visually compelling manner. Internal stakeholders can now confidently drive the vision of FoF throughout the ecosystem of GAF using engaging storytelling accompanied by a captivating visual.


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