Charting the next adventure with a growing startup

We were lucky to have the rapt attention of every SLT team member

As companies grow, so do their aspirations for the value they hope to add to the world. Change is a large component of growth for any organization and must be managed to gain organizational alignment and secure unity in purpose. That is why it is crucial that during times of expansion companies align internally on a vision that supports their evolving business and commits externally to a value proposition that is clearly demonstrated to target audiences.

A financial technology company found itself wrestling with the challenges brought by growth when it approached Territory to support its expanding service offerings by ensuring company leadership aligned on a shared vision for the future and a clear customer value proposition. The objective of the engagement was to help the leadership agree upon a clear and compelling company vision and value statement around which to engage, align, and plan future operations.

The Solution

Together with company leadership, Territory led a two-day workshop that explored the company’s history, key milestones, and how it had arrived at the current moment. Utilizing creative explorative activities and drawing upon insights gained from analyzing the company’s evolutionary course, Territory led the company to a new, shared vision for the future and a clear value proposition. Company leadership left the engagement with energized purpose and refined direction.

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