Defining the vision for talent modernization

The COVID world we now live in has created a stark new reality for talent management. We can no longer work in the same way. It is obvious to everyone that a new approach is required to stay competitive, innovative and sustainable.

The Ask

Defining and creating a strategy for talent in any company is difficult. When that company has over 450,000 employees and a 100+ year culture of structured ways of working, the path to modernization is arduous at best and can seem impossible along every step.

A Fortune 100 shipping and logistics company—and long time client—approached Territory with this problem: How do we articulate our talent modernization strategy in a way that enables deeper conversation with critical stakeholders.

The Solution

Working alongside the company’s HR leadership team, Territory embarked on a sprint project in a way that enables deeper conversation with critical stakeholders. We focused on identifying both the audience that needed to understand the story as well as the messages that would most closely align with the company’s enterprise mission and strategy. We then shaped and developed a simple framework and visual overview that:

  1. highlighted the key components of the strategy,
  2. showed the linkage to the core vision of the organization, and
  3. illustrated the connection of the strategy to small glimpses of what the future holds for a company with world-class talent management.

The discussions and in-stream conversations helped steer the strategy and reset the order of critical components that were needed to rethink talent across the organization. The outcome empowered several stakeholder conversations, both formal and ad-hoc, that aligned the teams around that strategy and solidified the budget needed to begin implementing various initiatives to deliver on the plan. The HR leadership team was effectively set-up to advance to the next phase of making the inspired strategy a reality.

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