How to simplify artificial intelligence for IT operations

That phrase is a complex mouthful. Here’s how we made it understandable.

The Ask

Bringing new technology to market can be challenging. When that new technology is an extremely complicated, AI-driven solution it can be daunting—as it was with a global technology company’s AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations).  They faced just such a challenge with AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations). Creating an impactful message about applications that use artificial intelligence, big data, analytics, and machine learning capabilities to enhance IT operations. The company asked us to team up with them to make their story clear, simple, and compelling.

The Solution

The technology company first needed to communicate the vision and value of an AIOps solution in a clear and concise way. To meet this objective, Territory worked with the organization’s AIOps sales and architecture teams to understand the value of the technology to the business. This co-creation helped us design compelling story-scenarios to simplify the complexity of the technology. From there, we developed a visually compelling and effective interactive value-proposition tool which provided context and orientation to the entire solution, enabling the marketing team to connect key learning elements to the messaging.

The design process benefited from active collaboration with a team of client stakeholders to leverage their existing assets and knowledge of AIOps, along with Territory’s creativity, storytelling, sales design, and experience in building interactive user experiences tools. This resulted in the creation of two dynamic artifacts, an initial sales tool that was both a dynamic presentation deck and a storytelling animation with clear messaging and client engagement actions.


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