Remote session for data strategy development gets results

Working remotely, a team successfully assessed and built their data strategy.


The Ask

Invitae, a cutting edge and innovative genetic technology company, needed to review and align on their vision and data ecosystem to develop a prioritized data strategy and associated roadmap. Some of these elements already existed in different places with different owners, while others would need to be co-created on the fly.

Territory was asked to help pull these elements together in a remotely facilitated environment, to spark conversation, collectively evaluate and collaboratively develop the way forward.

The Solution

Visual frameworks were created in advance using the MURAL platform, to support a three-day series of workshops with the Invitae’s data leadership team that would progressively address, explore, and define each of the elements. Each activity was intended to increase general understanding of the specific topic and to provide participants with the opportunity to see how they were connected. The work identified the impacts each topic would have on individual business units and the overall business itself. 

In addition to creating a visual roadmap of their data strategy, the team collectively aligned on business outcomes, laid the groundwork for successful cross-functional implementation, and established a compelling narrative to advance their strategy with key stakeholders. The data strategy team was delighted by how much their large team was able to accomplish with the help of Territory’s responsive remote facilitation and proactive visual approach.

“The Territory team was instrumental in helping us all align (and get excited by) the mission, and their facilitation prowess helped us all walk away with a shared understanding of what needs to be done with the right level of granularity and defensibility. This activity/output has now lent itself to a living document, and a robust set of OKRs to which we can collectively manage,” said Invitae’s Chief Digital Officer, Karthik Suri.

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