Sales team meeting – remote style

COVID-19 be damned, we have work to do!

The Ask

Pulling together the sales team to set goals and a plan for generating revenue is fundamental to every business. For one global Fintech company, holding their annual summit meeting presented a challenge. It wasn’t that the majority of the sales team were new, or that the product was transforming, or that the economy was changing and evolving every day. Their challenge was that COVID-19 meant they had to hold their sales summit remotely.
To overcome this obstacle, the company called on Territory to figure out how to deliver on these primary goals:

  • Align on sales goals and objectives for 2020.
  • Enjoy shared remote experiences that are memorable, fun, and build alignment and commitment.
  • Co-create a plan and set out key initiatives to be undertaken.
  • Identify each initiatives’ owner, the timeline for execution, barriers to be overcome, and key measurements for planned initiatives’ activities.
  • Develop sales targets and goals for each salesperson, by product & market.

The Solution

As the Summit was just 2 weeks away, Territory sprang into gear, holding 3 planning meetings with the company leaders to come up with the optimal sales meeting design and activities. Ideas for the remote meeting experiences and activities were proposed, reviewed, and iterated over three remote meetings using a MURAL board for planning and capturing the agenda topics.
Territory then designed a custom MURAL board which:

  • Prepared participants with what to expect, topics to address, and training on how to use MURAL
  • Had areas for every activity the sales team would be undertaking
  • Provided pre-set tools and methods for ideation and voting to speed conversation and alignment

Sales Summit agenda and MURAL workspace


The Summit was held over two days, in two four-hour sessions. Day one began with a series of presentations—the company “story,” 2020 goals and objectives, current product and service offerings, plans for the sales team, and current and desired tools and ways of working. The group brainstormed target markets and channels, mapped them into meaningful categories, and voted on critical ones. Collaborating using MURAL, the participants began identifying the key elements of 3/6/9/12-month plans.

Day two began with a review of several 3/6/9/12 plans and finished with solid work done on several frameworks for better understanding the critical target markets and channels identified in day one. 

3/6/9/12 plans


Following the meeting, the team members and stakeholders were able to work on their own in the MURAL board to finish six sales planning frameworks. A punch list was kept throughout the two days that represented projects or tasks that needed to be accomplished; these projects or tasks were also assigned to individuals on the sales team.

This is what a remote sale summit looks like in action


Territory successfully led the sales team to develop clear goals and plans for 2020, albeit while working remotely. And in spite of the COVID-19 disruption, the group was able to leverage the collaborative technology of MURAL and the facilitation expertise of Territory to achieve their sales meeting objectives.

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