Training leaders to fuel business growth

Designing a six-week skill-building series to advance an organization

The Ask

A competitive edge is an elusive and critical component of success. Finding that edge and then remaining competitive in top markets requires companies to continuously improve how they conduct business.

A high-performing, global accounting firm sought to enhance and explore how its leaders approach everyday business problem-solving. There was a need to create change and results that would be readily impactful. The firm knew it needed a partner to develop skills and tools that leaders and their teams could apply immediately and effectively. Territory stepped in with a series of training sessions to provide company leaders with knowledge and skills to change their way of working.

The Solution

Where most Territory clients seek solutions to specific problems, this client knew they needed to focus on “learning to fish.” After meeting with the firm to discuss the vision for post-training results, the Territory team planned and executed a six-week series, including four interactive workshops and two feedback sessions in which participants shared and discussed active projects. Through hands-on, activity-based weekly training, firm leaders were introduced to and became comfortable using human-centered design and visual thinking.

The Territory team provided a set of tools and frameworks to enable this thinking. Leaders were tasked with applying the new methods to their own real-world workplace problems and were able to realize the impact innovative thinking can have.

Pre- and post-training surveys reflected significant improvements, over 60%, in the participant’s confidence to use and knowledge of methods and tools needed to address and solve the problems they faced in their roles. Participants remarked how the training provided them the opportunity to explore problems with new perspectives and how useful the tools and frameworks were and will be in the future.

After the Territory-led training series, the firm’s leaders and teams feel confident in their new skills which enhance effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving as the firm continues to grow.

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