Improving sales through digitalization

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Digitalization is mission-critical to drive a competitive edge in the market. In today’s digital-first world, digital transformation is inevitable, and to stay relevant, sales practices must adapt (or risk falling behind).

Against this landscape, sales teams are under immense pressure to quickly and efficiently keep pace with ever-evolving customer expectations, meet rising quotas and deliver exceptional experiences. What’s more, they’re forced to reimagine their strategies and push the limits of what’s possible to provide experiences that are distinct from the competition. This is where digitalization comes in.

Here are four ways digitalization can help sales teams improve their performance.

1.  Templating

Personalized sales pitches and proposals always follow a central idea. If you’re selling a product or service, you’re probably not the only one on your team doing the same thing. To stand out, sales teams need to be able to quickly adapt their pitches on the fly to meet the specific needs of their potential client.

Digitalization allows for the creation of convenient and easy-to-access templated forms and documents that can be easily customized according to the client’s personality and specific requirements. This way, sales teams can focus on what’s important: building a relationship and making the sale.

2. Tracking result

To improve the sales process, it’s important to track and analyze data. This data can be used to identify which methods are working and which need improving.

Digitalization provides tools sales teams can use to track their progress and results. These tools can be used to generate and share reports with managers and other team members. This way, everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what needs to be done to improve the sales function.

By using digital tools to tag and categorize leads, sales teams can quickly and easily see which leads are worth pursuing.

3. Sourcing content

Part of the sales process involves providing potential clients with relevant and up-to-date information about your product or service. To be successful, sales teams need quick and easy access to high-quality content.

Digitalization provides the means for sales teams to source and curate content. This can be used to find relevant articles, blog posts, white papers and more. With the right content made easily available, sales teams can quickly and easily find the information they need to close a deal.

4. Collaboration with clients

Technology that empowers teams to co-create and collaborate with clients has never been better. Through digital tools, sales teams can conveniently share documents, presentations, and other files with potential clients. Clients can then provide feedback and input in real-time, without having to wait for a meeting or conference call to discuss further

They are also given a more liberal space to add value and inform the final product. Ideation becomes easier, and clients feel more involved in the process. As a result, they are more likely to be satisfied with the final product or service.

Parker Lee

Parker Lee is the managing partner of Territory, a design consultancy, who has developed and led teams in transformation, design thinking, and business development for decades. Co-author of The Art of Opportunity, he has created and facilitated dozens of design and visual thinking engagements.

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