Design Thinking


How ‘business design thinking’ can drive greater ROI

© 2015 Marc Sniukas — Taken while brainstorming a title for what became The Art of Opportunity, Portland, OR Learn how applying business design thinking is actually a better means of driving greater ROI, enjoying more engaged employees, and creating a differentiated product and service offerings. Much has been written lately about design thinking. For some, its...


Designs on transformation

© 2015 Marc Sniukas — Sketch developed while working on The Art of Opportunity in Brussels Organizations that seek transformation and innovation go beyond top-down, analytical methods, and incorporate the lessons of design thinking, humanistic management and systems theory. Here are seven principles that can dramatically improve how your organization develops products, services, and processes. The accelerated pace...


The value of business design thinking

© 2016 Marc Sniukas — Prototyping materials, taken in Parsippany, NJ How thinking better and differently can be taught and learned to maximize and enhance an organization’s performance. Business design thinking can not only transform a business but also help an organization catapult to greater levels of success. These organic, flexible, and inclusive methods are the path...