Designing for training impact

The Ask

Proper training can be one of the most overlooked elements of a business’s operations. For several years, a major energy company had been engaged in training employees throughout the company on their Operating Management System, known as the “Backbone Process.” Originally, before going through an in-classroom training session, users watched a lengthy video explaining the employee’s role in the company’s operations process and then were given a PowerPoint presentation about the process. The company thought a portable tool designed to alleviate the need for costly in-person training classes and introduce the key aspects of this process would better prepare employees before their training session. They reached out to Territory to come up with a more engaging and “better mousetrap.”

The Solution

The client sought an interactive way for employees to better understand the process, its key concepts, benefits, where to go for more information, and why the process was important to the company’s operation. The web-based deliverable needed to be a cost-efficient resource that could be easily used and distributed throughout the company, and add value to the employee’s training experience. Additionally, the solution needed to be portable, so it could be used by teams in off-grid locations.

To meet this objective, Territory created a visually compelling and effective interactive communication training tool that provided context and orientation to the entire operating system and enabled the employees to identify key elements of the process and its functions.

The design process involved active collaboration with a team of client stakeholders to leverage their existing assets and knowledge of the operating system, along with Territory’s creativity, training design, and experience in building interactive user experiences tools. The outcome was a users’ learning experience that became a one-stop-shop for all the necessary policies, procedures, practices, and tools of the process, and presented information in a quickly maneuverable big picture of the Operating Management System filterable by role.

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