Working Forward

We believe there’s a better way.
We call it Working Forward.

We believe there is a better way of working, based on human-centered principles and respect. Territory’s team has been operating this way for years. And our conviction that work could be improved is why we co-founded the Work Forward movement.

Simply put, the strategies and ways of working of the past are ill-suited for these unprecedented times. The days of going to an office and sitting at a desk should now be a thing of the past for most companies. This moment in our history gives those who understand the implications of our current moment a reason to embrace a new working model.

Below is an outline of our services to advance Working Forward to address today’s challenge and tomorrow’s reality.


Scenario Planning

Facilitation of remote scenario planning sessions to play out the myriad of scenarios you may experience over time after we emerge from COVID-19. Now is the time to determine your next move based on anticipated and unexpected scenarios.

Readiness Assessment Report

Conduct an assessment of organizational readiness for new approaches to working to understand the technology, systems, processes, culture, and inventory of resources that can be deployed to successfully address today’s critical COVID-19 response activities and ways of working post virus.

Designing Business Continuity Solutions

Facilitation of remote planning sessions to establish governance processes for managing the rapidly changing environment and response initiatives developed to accomplish short-term goals while creating long-term scalability.

Operational Effectiveness

Remote Meeting Visualization & Capture of Ideas and Decisions

Management of inclusive discussions and real-time meeting visualization with a Territory illustrator. Creatively performed visual capture, facilitation, whiteboard sessions, and live-sketching as a service.

Plan or Initiative Roadmapping

Creation of clear visual roadmaps that can be tracked, managed, and shared. Clear visualization creates understanding, overcomes objections, and builds momentum for adoption.

Product or Service Development

Rapid idea and concept prototyping, such as visualizing concepts, concept development, and sketch form visual artifacts.

Remote Project Management

In the remote working environment, ensuring teams are informed, coordinated, and on-track is essential. We can remotely host and facilitate project meetings, provide visual note-taking, maintain ideas generated, and document conversations and decisions made.


Communications Planning

Facilitate remote sessions with stakeholders to build the communication campaign for new ways of working initiatives and activities, persona mapping audience and developing a communication plan, and roadmap for each persona.

Design and Development of Compelling Visual Communications

Creation of internal communication and process tools, roll-out plans, and templates for operating in the new environment.

Design and Host of Remote Conferences or Events

Plan a compelling experience, from keynote presentations to full-scale conferences with panelist sessions and break-out working group sessions.

Learning Classes

Lunch-and-Learn Sessions

Weekly learning sessions for live mentoring, sharing ideas and concerns and gaining real-time tips and tricks for remote working best practices.

Class for Remote Workers

Hands-on sessions based on key topics to improve and accelerate remote working effectiveness — designed to help individuals who are new to remote working understand how to operate effectively and productively in a distributed workplace environment.

Class for Teams

Learning to work as a team in a remote working environment requires a different cadence and set of skills. This class helps teams learn to work cohesively in a remote environment and learn the skills needed to be creative, collaborative, and productive.

Class for Managers

Managing remote or distributed employees requires new “muscles” for leaders. Our distributed workplace learning class empowers leaders to become more effective in finding new ways to optimize performance within their teams.

Mentoring for Leaders

Remote learning for 1:1 or a small cohort of leaders designed for executives to improve and increase the capacity, effectiveness, and focus of their company’s remote distributed workforce.

“Bad companies are destroyed by crisis.
Good companies survive them.
Great companies are improved by them.”

Andrew Grove
former CEO of Intel


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